Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil Organic Cold Pressed Pure Bottle
Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil Organic Cold Pressed Pure Bottle with Dropper
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Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil, 50ml

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Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil is an all-natural multipurpose product that is ready to deliver a boost of nourishment for your hair, skin and nails.

  • Treat skin to dewy hydration. Keep it soft, supple, and glowing - As jojoba oil closely mimics the skin's own sebum in molecular structure, it is an effective moisturizer and natural conditioner. This is good news for anyone with a dry or irritated skin. Jojoba oil’s structure is smaller than creams and lotions, penetrating deep into the skin to hydrate
  • Clean face and keep it clear of clogged pores - Begin your face care routine by using jojoba oil to dissolve everything from sunscreen to waterproof mascara. Because jojoba oil is so lightweight and absorbable, it effectively delivers moisture to the skin without clogging pores. It helps to counter breakouts by dissolving sebum deposits and clearing excess oils from the skin. 
  • Balance out oil production - Cleansers can strip our skin of its natural sebum. The skin then overproduces oil to compensate. Jojoba can reset your sebum production, reducing shine in your T-zone
  • Protect against visible signs of aging - the high content of vitamin E helps improve your skin’s elastic feel, and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Protect skin from irritation - The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of jojoba oil help to relieve dryness, flaking, itching, and related symptoms caused by eczema, psoriasis, and other drying skin conditions
  • Restore hair to its natural beauty - Use as leave-in moisturizer to reduce frizz and fly-aways

Good to know

  • Light golden-hued, which is evidence of it being cold-pressed and unfiltered, ensuring that the nutrient-rich oil stays fresh longer 
  • Lightweight and quick-absorbing, it does not leave skin feeling greasy after application 
  • No added unnecessary filler ingredients, which disrupt the many benefits of this pure and unrefined oil
  • Suitable for dry, combination, oily, sensitive and normal skin types. Because jojoba is a wax ester that resembles the building block of the skin's natural oils, it is compatible with all different skin types.
  • Does not cause reaction in allergy-prone and sensitive skin. Rare, if it does
  • Produced in a GMP (quality controlled), and Halal certified production facility

How to use

  • As moisturizer
    • Gently massage ~2 drops onto clean face after shower. Use in moderation as and when skin needs it
    • Can be used on hair, scalp, chapped lips, nails,and dry body spots as well.
  • Can serve as massage oil
  • As oil cleanser/make up remover 
    • Simply apply on cotton pad and wipe off makeup.  Proceed to wash face with normal daily cleanser
    • Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil dissolves dirt and stubborn make up
  • Use for your DIY skincare projects. Find your favourite ways of using it!



Stable with long shelf life. Cap bottle and keep in cool, dry place

Product lasts long if capped and stored in a cool dry place. 


Organic, unrefined and cold-pressed Jojoba oil, german chamomile essential oil

Jojoba Oil origin

North America

*Applicable within Malaysia

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