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At Kopara, we wish for others to discover the solace, empowerment, and even relief, derived from skincare, as we did. To not settle for lazy solutions, but to question and experiment with ingredients that work for their skin type. This is what Kopara is all about, to help you reimagine your relationship with skincare, take charge of your skin’s health, and be informed of ingredients that work.
It is ultimately goodness on skin.

We are also huge believers in empowering people to make an informed decision about ingredients, and we decide that the best way to do that is to enable people to try before they buy. There is no point buying a whole bottle of skincare solution, only to find out that you are allergic to it. We are therefore offering free samples. Yes, you heard it. FREE! All you need to pay for is a minimal shipping fee, to help us cover shipping costs.

So go ahead, order your sample. We hope you have fun discovering its potential for your skin. Power over to you!

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