Why Should You Try the Oil Cleansing Method?

At Kopara, we’re always advocating for simple, natural, and effective ways to care for the skin. Sure, there are plenty of products out there that can improve our skin, like toners, serums, moisturisers, masks, and so much more… But how are we sure that our skin is able to fully absorb the benefits of these products that we lather onto the skin? Let’s start from the basics and discuss the simplest, most effective way we can cleanse the skin. Because if we don’t thoroughly cleanse away the buildup of dirt and makeup from our skin, then the other products won’t be as effective as they can be, and the rest of our skincare routine might just go to waste!

For us, there is no more effective way to clean our face than the oil cleansing method. As the name suggests, oil cleansing method is simply a way of cleansing our skin using oil. Many cleansers in the market contain ingredients that strip the skin of its natural oils, resulting in dry, irritated skin. When the skin is stripped of moisture, it naturally produces more oil to compensate, which can lead to clogged pores, pimples, and blackheads. So, the basic idea behind the oil cleansing method is to use oil to dissolve the unwanted dirt from our face. 

The oil cleansing method takes advantage of the oil’s natural properties to dissolve the dirt and oil on our skin. Have you heard of “like dissolves like”? This is a basic principle of chemistry, where using oil can break down the dirt and grime off our face. The oil gives our face a gentle yet deep clean by removing the all the impurities, like sebum, dirt, sunscreen, and makeup. While it does so, it also nourishes the skin, because unlike regular cleansers, it doesn’t strip our skin of its natural oils. In other words, putting clean, nourishing oils on your skin is intended to:

  • lift excess sebum, the oily substance produced by glands your skin
  • clean out clogged pores like blackheads and whiteheads
  • remove dead skin, pollutants, and makeup

Many of the regular cleansers are emulsifying. This means that they can be washed off with water. Oil, however, will not simply be rinsed away. This is why oil cleansing method is often used as part of the double cleansing method. Oil cleansing is the first part, followed by a second regular cleanser cleanser to help remove the leftover oil, as well as finish cleaning the skin. You may be wondering, “wouldn’t the second cleansing step strip away my skin’s moisture?” The fact is, the first step of oil cleansing not only cleanses the dirt from our skin, but it also softens the drying effects of a regular cleaners. The oil cleanse hydrates and primes the skin for the second cleanser to work better. Hence, the double cleansing method helps with skin hydration!

Here’s the basics on how to apply the double cleansing method to our daily skincare routine:

  1. First, apply the oil onto dry face. Oil and water don’t mix, so you want to avoid applying the oil on damp skin, to prevent any interference with the oil’s cleansing abilities.
  2. Gently massage the oil into your skin, to help it break up the dirt and any residue on the face
  3. Wash off the oil from the face, and follow up with using a second water-based cleanser. 

Now that you’re ready to give the oil cleansing method a try, what oil should you pick? Make sure to get an oil that is not so comedogenic (tending to clog pores and encourage the formation of blackheads), such as jojoba oil or argan oil. Whichever oil you go for, pick one that is 100% organic, cold-pressed, and of high quality. Our recommendation is a high quality jojoba oil, as it is an oil with a chemical composition that is closest to the skin’s natural sebum. Using jojoba oil to cleanse the skin will ensure that it is ready to receive the rest of the products that you will be applying during your skincare routine. 

So now you know why oil cleansing is such an effective method to cleanse the skin. Simply put, it gets rid of all the unwanted grime and product off of our faces, yet doesn’t over clean the skin and strip it of its moisture. When your face is deeply and effectively cleansed, it is primed to readily receive and absorb the products that you use after, such as your toners, serums, and moisturisers.