The Clean Beauty Movement

Many of us strive to live a healthy life. We focus on eating the right foods. We try to reduce our exposure to toxins. We exercise regularly. But have we stopped to consider what ingredients make up our skincare? What kind of ingredients are we slathering on our faces and bodies?

What is the Clean Beauty Movement?

This is where the clean beauty movement began to come into play. In an effort to be more mindful of what they’re using everyday, consumers have been looking for products that are truly safe for themselves and also the environment. Many skincare brands are born because their founders could not find a clean alternative to the skincare products that they were using, and that includes Kopara! We were inspired by the beauty of natural ingredients, and therefore wanted to only introduce clean, beautiful ingredients on beautiful skin.


The one defining feature of the clean beauty movement is the community’s commitment to being more selective about the ingredients that they put on their skin every day. Clean beauty products are those that use non-toxic ingredients, including natural ones, as well as lab-made safe ingredients (usually with plant extracts). The community embraces both natural and man-made ingredients, because the focus is put on the safety, rather than the source. This is because “natural” does not automatically mean safe. (Lead and poison ivy are natural, but you wouldn’t want them in your beauty products!) Conversely, just because an ingredient is synthetic, it’s not necessarily unsafe. The aim is to go for products that exclude any known and potential toxins—these options pose the least possible safety risk.


Common Toxic Ingredients to Look Out For - They Might be Toxic

So you’re now ready to start paying attention to the ingredients in the skincare that you purchase. What should you really be looking out for? The scientific community has raised concerns about how some of the most widely used ingredients are toxic, and they include parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, and even lead! No idea what these ingredients are? Here’s a useful article that breaks them down clearly:

Knowledge is power! The reason that the clean beauty movement is rising so quickly is that we all want to gain insight into the the ingredients that make up the beauty products  that we use. By making these mindful purchases, we are in control of what we put on our skin, and we can be confident that our products are safe for our own use and safe for the environment.


Changing the Beauty Industry - One Clean Product at a Time

The movement has inspired health-conscious consumers to be mindful of what they’re using everyday. They are always researching and seeking out better and more effective solutions. As a result, the industry is delivering beauty products that produce amazing and effective results for the consumer, while also providing the peace of mind.