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In their article, "Eczema Malaysia: Living With Eczema In Malaysia & 7 Malaysian Skincare Brands For Eczema", woke.my featured Kopara as one of the local brands to help individuals fight eczema.

 woke.my feature of Kopara

The Star Malaysia

Dzireena from The Star liked how Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil left her skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing after using it at night as a moisturiser!


Tamara from Says tried out the Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil and it left her face feeling healthy and dewy!

"The texture is light so it doesn't feel like you're slathering layers of oil onto your face because it absorbs immediately. You can also mix a few drops into your foundation for a glowy finish."


My Women Stuff

Paris B from the My Women Stuff blog tried out the Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil and left us a positive review

Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil

"The Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil takes gold for being an affordable multi-use product."...



Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil got a mention in Eeked's post as a multi-purpose oil for travel.

Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil

"You don't need body moisturisers or hair oils if you have a multipurpose oil like Bio Oil or Jojoba Oil. If I would recommend an oil to bring for travels, it would be Kopara's Jojoba Oil,"


Cleo Malaysia

Cleo Malaysia recommended us as one of their Jojoba Oil choices for stronger and healthier hair, in their "Feeling Frustrated With Brittle Hair And Hair Styling Woes? Treat Your Hair With These Natural Oils" web article:


“Extensive dryness of scalp will usually result in dandruff and [jojoba oil] is capable of moisturizing the follicles of the hair and can make strands much more stronger and healthier. Jojoba oil doesn’t only moisturizes the hair, it adds nutrients, and stimulates the scalp”


Marie France Asia Malaysia

Marie France Asia Malaysia featured Kopara in their top 10 natural skincare homegrown brands that they adore article:

Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil

"Kopara produces their products with utmost integrity...[and] vows to bring only the best to the table"

Marie Claire Malaysia

We were featured in Marie Claire Malaysia's 2017 issue:

Marie-Claire-Malaysia - Top 8 Local Body Care Brands To Help You Unwind - Kopara

["Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil is] really versatile - you can use it as a makeup remover, massage oil, lip balm or as a hair treatment. A definite must have on every dresser!"