Homemade DIY Skin Care, Hair Care, and Body Care Recipes using Jojoba Oil

You might already be aware of the amazing moisturizing benefits of jojoba oil. Its light and non-greasy properties make it an effective ingredient in many personal care products. 

That is why jojoba oil is extremely popular in DIY self care recipes. It absorbs well into the hair and skin, blending so well without any residue. In our upcoming posts, we will share a few simple DIY recipes for your self care regimen, all featuring our Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil. They’re not just awesome for yourself, but also great as personalized gifts for friends and families.

Do you know why jojoba oil is so suitable for a diverse range of DIY recipes?

🌸It absorbs into the skin relatively quickly with a smooth, satiny finish

🌸It has a silky feel, and has wonderful emollient (softening for the skin) properties 

🌸It is a natural, non-toxic ingredient 

🌸It is an inexpensive ingredient

🌸It has a long shelf life. It is incredibly stable, so it won’t go rancid easily

There are so many options out there, how do you figure out which one to buy?

🌱Choose organic

🌱Choose cold-pressed jojoba oil without any additives whenever possible

🌱Choose unrefined jojoba oil. Unrefined jojoba oil is a beautiful golden colour, while refined jojoba oil is clear

🌱Make sure that there are no chemical preservatives and fillers added to the jojoba oil

In this post, we'll share 2 "recipes" with you. Well, technically they are not "recipes", since they each only use 1 ingredient, but they're such simple ways to reap the benefits of jojoba oil that we had to feature them.

1. Nourishing Jojoba Moisturizer

Jojoba oil is an excellent ingredient to deep-nourish, moisturize and replenish the skin. And it cannot get simpler than this first recipe. All you need to do is dab the oil onto your skin and rub it across. You can also try this method for nail and cuticle treatment. If you have oily or sensitive skin, add a bit of jojoba oil to your usual moisturizer when your face is feeling dry.

How to Use:

Massage two drops of Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil into your face in the morning or as needed for the body.

For nails, apply two drops of Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil onto your cuticles and massage in. No need to wash it off – just massage it in and let it sit until your nails and skin absorb it.


2. Simple and Effective Makeup Remover

Jojoba oil is a gentle oil that is safe to use around the eyes, so you can use it to remove makeup from your face naturally.

How to Use: 

Gently apply a few drops of Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil on your fingers and massage the oil onto your face until you can wipe off your makeup. It will dissolve all the oil-based makeup, and at the same time it can nourish the thin, fragile skin around your eyes. Then, use a cotton ball or washcloth to wipe away makeup.


Ready to try out the "recipes"? Order Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil for the best results!

In the next post, we will share how to make a soothing DIY lip balm to keep your lips soft, supple, and moisturized!