About Kopara - Goodness on Skin

Introducing goodness on skin; bringing natural beauty essentials to you.

Kopara is founded by a natural skincare enthusiast, who realises there is less need to rely on store bought products after using natural skincare. There are now only essentials she truly loves in her beauty cabinet. 


From Natalie, founder of Kopara Essentials:

I had a stressful job few years ago, where 14-hour work days were considered normal. After a long day at the office, I have always looked forward to unwinding by cleaning myself and settling into my skincare routine. My routine became an expression of self-love, an act of pampering myself so that I would be empowered to face the next grueling work day. Believing that applying skincare products that was goodness on skin became important.

Thus began my true relationship with skincare….

Like every relationship, my relationship with skincare evolves over time.

I paid more attention to the ingredients I put onto my skin, favoring natural ingredients. I learned that the market is rife with products that is mostly made up of water, fillers and stabilizers, which improve the product’s texture, but not necessarily active ingredients that deliver true benefits to the skin. I also became skeptical of the cost of some expensive products out there. Having been prone to eczema, I learned to be selective in skincare products to tame any eczema flares.

I wish for others to discover the solace, empowerment, and even relief, derived from skincare, as I did. To not settle for lazy solutions, but to question and experiment with ingredients that work for their skin type. This is what Kopara is all about, to help you reimagine your relationship with skincare, take charge of your skin’s health, and be informed of ingredients that work.

It is ultimately goodness on skin…

How would Kopara deliver goodness on skin? For a start, we are uncompromising with the quality of our ingredients. This is our brand promise.

We are also huge believers in empowering people to make an informed decision about ingredients, and we decide that the best way to do that is to enable people to try before they buy. There is no point buying a whole bottle of skincare solution, only to find out that you are allergic to it. We are therefore offering free samples. Yes, you heard it. FREE! All you need to pay for is a minimal shipping fee, to help us cover shipping costs.

So go ahead, order your sample. We hope you have fun discovering its potential for your skin. Power over to you!